45 years of lobster research, system installation and consulting needs.

 All systems designed and installed with Lobster Tank Systems six-stage filtration system.
On-site consultations with filtration retrofits.
Lobster Tank Systems (LTS) provides complete design, fabrications, installations and personnel training.
LTS provides complete maintenance on all systems installed.
LTS provides the following products:  (All sold separately)
Plumbing parts
Filtration components
Titanium heat exchangers
 Lobster tanks are constructed of reinforced fibreglass, or cement, and are stackable
Artificial sea salt compound
Activated carbon
Pre-filter foam pads
Water testing components
All fabrication of components is either onsite or in LTS’ factory
We supply installation of all components, system adaptions, personnel training and support
LTS has maintenance service plans, or on-call, worldwide

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